global glacier change bulletin

The ‘Global Glacier Change Bulletin’ (GGCB) series was designed in 2015 with the aim of providing an integrative assessment of worldwide and regional glacier changes at two-year intervals. This new publication series merges the former Fluctuations of glaciers (Vol. I – X) and Glacier Mass Balance Bulletin (No. 1 – 12) series (see links below). The primary focus are glaciological mass balance observations which are complemented by geodetic volume changes and front variation series. It serves as an authoritative source of illustrated and commentated information on global glacier changes based on the latest observations from the scientific collaboration network of the WGMS.

Latest bulletin:
WGMS 2023. Global Glacier Change Bulletin No. 5 (2020–2021). Zemp, M., Gärtner-Roer, I., Nussbaumer, S.U., Welty, E.Z., Dussaillant, I., and Bannwart, J. (eds.), ISC(WDS)/IUGG(IACS)/UNEP/UNESCO/WMO, World Glacier Monitoring Service, Zurich, Switzerland, 134 pp., publication based on database version: doi:10.5904/wgms-fog-2023-09. PDF (17 MB)

Published GGCBs:

GGCB 12012-2013[pdf]
GGCB 22014-2015[pdf]
GGCB 32016-2017[pdf]
GGCB 42018-2019[pdf]
GGCB 52020-2021[pdf]

Former products:
Glacier Mass Balance Bulletin (No. 1-12) link
Fluctuations of Glaciers (Vol. I-X) link
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