database statistics

The following table provides an overview on currently available data records and the increase from current observation periods:

DATASETNumber of glaciersNumber of observationsIncrements since WGMS (2015)
Front variations (from observations)2,49944,692+48/+1,137
Front variations (from reconstructions)381,855+2/+37
Mass balance (glacier wide)4506,562+37/+1,019
Mass balance (point information)12537,463+58/+20,086
Volume/thickness change (geodetic method)4,2815,325+3,820/+4,175
Special events2,4573,045+2,143/+2,496
Glacier maps85140+10/+23

Database version: DOI:10.5904/wgms-fog-2017-10

last change 28/02/2018