Echaurren Norte, Andes

Mass Balance Factsheet for the Echaurren Norte glacier, Andes

For additional information on the status of the glacier and on data relating to annual mass balance and other measurements, visit the WGMS Fluctuations of Glaciers Browser.


  • Political unit: CL
  • WGMS ID: 1344
  • Latitude: 33.58°S
  • Longitude: 70.13°W
  • Height min: 3650 m a.s.l.
  • Height max: 3900 m a.s.l.
  • Measurement types: MASS BALANCE
  • Current Principal Investigator: Gonzalo Barcaza & Colleagues
  • Current Sponsoring Agency: DIRECCION GENERAL DE AGUAS (SANTIAGO, CL)
no photograph available

no photograph available

Terrestrial and satellite map of Echaurren Norte glacier (Google Maps)

Echaurren Norte glacier Annual Mass Balance (WGMS, 2016)

Echaurren Norte glacier Annual Mass Balance (WGMS, 2016)

Continuous Mass Balance (MB) measurements since 1975/76:


Additional data available: Front Variation (FV), Thickness Change (TC) and Glacier Outlines:


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last change 14/11/2016