Boost Remote Sensing Data

The WGMS is in charge of compiling changes in glacier length, area, volume, and mass, primarily based on in-situ measurements. However, an increasing number of glacier-related research projects nowadays produces data from mostly space-borne remote sensing sensors. Combined with the existing in-situ network, these studies complement the multi-level glacier monitoring strategy of GTN-G.

In the framework of ESA’s Climate Change Initiative, the WGMS has the responsibility of implementing Option 5 to the “Glaciers_cci” project. Option 5 runs from Oct 2015 to Sep 2017 and aims at making remotely sensed data of geodetic glacier changes available to the scientific community in a standardized format.

Within the project’s framework, the WGMS establishes the required expertise and extends the existing database infrastructure with a pilot study to house both glacier-wide and gridded data on glacier elevation changes based on known studies from the body of literature. Semi-automated algorithms are under development for adding existing and upcoming data to the Fluctuations of Glaciers (FoG) database of WGMS. Already in the ongoing development phase data are incorporated and made available.

Major Goals

  • Establish the expertise and infrastructure to integrate remote sensing data into FoG
  • Substantially increase the number of geodetic glacier mass balances in FoG
  • Adapt the Cogley literature database to improve FoG literature referencing
  • Establish a database link between FoG and GLIMS

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